The Cauteriser is a completely independent music review website, supporting bands of all sizes. Everything contained within is done for the passion of music, and not for monetary gain. All bands are welcomed to submit all that they have to share, whether with PR backing or completely DIY, no music will be underlooked or ignored.

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12657426_924937620923469_4506501140257982083_oJake is a lifetime music lover, a huge fan of punk, hardcore, anything original, catchy and loud as tits. Tastes vary between bands such as Circle Jerks, Rancid, Mad Capsule Markets, Exit_International, Schoolyard Heroes, Metz, Sonic Youth, Mars Volta, and god knows what else. Scout the header photos on this site for more music in the collection. As a member of a completely DIY band, Jake knows the struggles for new, upcoming bands to get notice without the support of well known links, so intends The Cauteriser to be a place for any band, big or small, to gain attention, request a review or to simply gain an additional voice for big announcements. We are giving back to the community, from one musician to another.

If you are interested in putting your own writing skills out there or just want to have a shot at reviewing, we are open to additional, or even guest writers. Just get in touch and we can arrange something for you.