Trash Talk – Tangle [EP Review]


Tangle is a free 5 track EP released by Californian Hardcore band Trash Talk. Despite only spanning 11 minutes, this is a slightly longer than usual average track length for Trash Talk, that said,  every moment is as thoroughly enjoyable as in any other release.

Trash Talk create quite the presence for a 3-piece, with a constant barrage of loud, punked up Hardcore music that will inevitably incur some form of uncontrollable body movement. The guitar riffs in Tangle are the main ear grabber, with some epic drum beats blasting through.

For the most part, the songs within are more of the average structure with discernible verses and choruses, not that these are by any means weak, with Disconnected’s shout-along My mind is a wasteland, my body’s a temple, but then you have the real 1 minute body slammer, Feen, to really get the blood pumping.

The fact that it is a free download on Trash Talk’s website could easily sway my positive opinion, however, I would happily have paid a couple of quid for this one, and most definitely have purchased any physical release. I would certainly recommend a download of this for anyone with even the slightest taste in Hardcore.

I could give extra brownie points in the rating for it being a freebie, but that is unnecessary as Tangle is strong enough to play fair.

Rating: 8/10

Jake Hancke, 14/11/2016

Tangle can be downloaded for free via the Trash Talk website

You can find more on Trash Talk on their Facebook page.

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