Mutation III – Dark Black [Album Review]

coverTo summarise Mutation III in a sentence: My fucking speaker wire packed in because of this album.

To summarise why my speaker wire packed in: The third Mutation record, Dark Black, was part of Ginger Wildheart’s most recent pledge campaign, in which numerous projects were completed with the re-establishment of Round Records. This is the one that I was the most excited about, partly because I’m a noise freak, but also because I haven’t heard anything less than addictive that has been touched by Scott Lee Andrews (of Jaws of Deaf and formerly Exit_International and Midasuno).

Now, this is one of those beautiful, rare occasions where excitement isn’t let down. Dark Black is like Surgical Meth Machine (my favourite album from 2016), with less industrial and more punk (arguably my favourite genre), guitar segments that sound like Mastodon on mushrooms (my favourite metal band) and the downright catchiest slices of noise that you are probably ever going to hear (who doesn’t love singing along to fucks and cunts?).

Your ears are barely given a second to rest through the duration of the album, and merely provided with a six second warning in opening track, . (the title is just a full stop), a brief spoken piece on depression, of which once you know what’s coming, is like that anticipatory rush before a wall of death, because as soon as Authenticity kicks in, you will  be repeatedly slapped in the face and/or dick for half an hour.

The height of the addictiveness has to be Irritant, the song that teased us with a video prior to release, which boasts a chorus that will be screaming around your skull for days on end. The melodies within Dark Black don’t let themselves be overshadowed, through some string and electronic sections seeping through, perfectly pushing the dynamics out there around the pure edited hell (I’m looking at you, Devolution).

If the rough slammings of Victim don’t finish you off, the slow final blows of Deterioration (where my right speaker just didn’t know what the fuck it was doing any more) will leave any distortion cravings satisfied, and any remaining eardrums ringing. The Mutation records are extremely difficult to listen to at “reasonable” volumes, and this one is no exception at all, in fact, it may be the worst culprit.

It’s not really easy to draw on negatives, you will either love Dark Black or not consider it music in the slightest and wonder who the fuck would make/listen to this. So I guess that’s that. First album of 2017, and it could easily end up my favourite.

10 for epicness -1 for causing hardware inconveniences.

Rating: 9.0/Fuck

Jake Hancke – 10/01/2017

Mutation III – Dark Black is available to purchase now from the Round Records Pledge Music store.

Find out more about the Mutation project and all other work of Ginger Wildheart’s on his website.

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