IEatHeartAttacks – Please Just Dance Death [Album Review]

ieatheartattacks-please-just-dance-deathPost-Hardcore was a huge soft spot of mine many years ago. Now I need something a bit more complex than a shit tonne of distortion and overly aggressive vocals. IEatHeartAttacks sound like they’d be a run of the mill band with an appropriate name to attract the attention. Definitely not the case.

Please Just Dance Death offers a lot of variance track by track. Opening song, Liar, is a corker. It kicks such a satisfying beat and really steps things straight up with the aggressively repeated “You fucking liar” chorus line. There are lots to attract your attention thereafter, most notably the lead guitar riff in Refuge Tropicana, and the cleaner guitars and perfectly overdriven bass in M.I.A.

IEatHeartAttacks’ overall sound isn’t anything vastly different to what you can already find in the world of Hardcore. Some of the guitar work is ferocious, and the vocals are solidly screamed throughout and certainly don’t sound like a shit vocalist overstepping their boundaries, like quite a few “hardcore” vocalists of today do. The real standout here is the song writing. There is plenty of depth across the 9 tracks, each capturing within 4 minutes plenty of ear-catching riffs and barrages of solid music that would ignite any slam dancing, crowd surfing audience.

The energy packed within this album is immense, with the odd section that spaces things out a bit. Prime example, back to M.I.A., those guitars that fade in at the beginning, they create a great atmosphere to get the song going, and demonstrate very well that taking some of that overdrive back a bit goes a long way. Then in the case of Two-Step, things turn into a bit of a breakdown epic, with the beat being slowed to give each thrash even more emphasis as the song closes out.

Please Just Dance Death deals some serious noise, coming from a three piece. Every hardcore fan out there needs to give this one at least a listen. There is a half decent chance that you will crank the volume up and whip out the air drums and/or set off half of your body in movement to the beat. This album is unrelenting, and with a proper listen, even the songs with the weakest impression offer something to captivate you.

Rating: 8.5/10

Jake Hancke – 21/02/2017

Please Just Dance Death is available to buy now from BandCamp and iTunes. It is also available to stream on Spotify and Tidal

You can find more on IEatHeartAttacks from their Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud pages.

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