Salamander – Burn The Witch [Single Review]

Salamander - Burn The WitchIt’s been a while since I reviewed a single, I tend to ramble on better about albums than pinpoint on a single song. Thankfully, Burn The Witch is actually interesting enough to talk about…

So, on the outset Salamander knock out some post-hardcore/sludge rock vibes created by the slow paced, hard hitting drum beat and the edge created by the overdriven guitars. The vocals offer an interesting unique side with a cross between hardcore and rap styles being implemented, which is something that after the first listen immensely grows on you.

Burn The Witch isn’t lengthy by any means, but mostly rests upon one solid riff to get the job done. It does offer some reprive in the form of the breakdown, which is where the song picks up a bit more along with the added vocal aggression to end the song. It isn’t a track that you will easily bore of though and is enjoyable when thrown on between listening to other albums. It at the very least leaves me interested in hearing more from these guys.

Singles are something that I rarely pay much attention to, but Salamander are giving you the opportunity to grab this song for free. I would definitely recommend you doing that at the very least.

Rating: 7.0/10

Jake Hancke – 09/03/2017

Burn The Witch is available to download now from Bandcamp. You can also stream it on Spotify.

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