Closet Disco Queen – Sexy Audio Deviance For Punk Bums [EP Review]

Closet Disco Queen - Sexy Audio Deviance For Punk BumsInstrumental bands are another one of those areas of music that I find to be extremely hit or miss. I am fond of bands like Maybeshewill and That Fucking Tank, but when it comes to more established artists like Mogwai… well I like the music, but something about it doesn’t captivate me as much as it should. However, Closet Disco Queen are right up there in my opinion.

Sexy Audio Deviance For Punk Bums doesn’t feel to dissimilar to modern progressive and experimental releases; with its beastly guitar riffs bludgeoning through an energetic beat, whilst passing off some more classic rock tones amidst the roughed up edges. The structures retain enough complexity as to not draw to the lack of vocals, however if you aren’t paying full attention there is a lot of detail that you will miss.

The standout song for me is Délicieux, which contains the most depth and insanity about the rhythm. It starts off fairly slow placed with a great use of delay and pitch bends on the stereo guitars. Then after a minute, the whole song picks up into a frantic riff and Mars Volta-esque drum rhythm. The pace alters throughout but the sounds attacking both ears don’t let up.

Listening to Sexy Audio… in the middle of the night with headphones on because you can’t sleep, like I did once or twice, is by far a wonderful way to listen to the EP. In fact, this is one of the only times that I’ve not been able to write whilst giving the music one last listen, just because I had to keep pausing to take everything back in.

Closet Disco Queen are now possibly my favourite instrumental band out there, and I certainly hope to hear more from these guys. It’s rough, punky, and full of atmosphere and depth to hold itself up.

Rating: 8.2/10

Jake Hancke – 19/03/2017

Sexy Audio Deviance For Punk Bums is available to order now from Division Records, and is released on 7th April 2017. 

You can find more on Closet Disco Queen on Facebook

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