Salt The Snail – Coffee [Single Review]

Salt The Snail - CoffeeThere are three key things that can greatly give musicians a boost with their work; most commonly some form of drug or alcohol, or my personal favourite, caffeine. Salt The Snail are a perfect example of the latter.

Their debut single, co-incidentally titled Coffee, makes me happy in all kinds of ways. The video alone is one of those simple masterpieces of the guys sat drinking/covering themselves in a table full of coffee. The song itself is what I can only describe as a minute of energetic post-punk.

This is the kind of music for those people who like music to be delivered in hard hitting bursts, filled with raw energy and disregarding any typical structure. The drums are hard hitting in every sense of the word and carry the music along well. The guitars offer more of a backing to the vocals/screaming/general shouting, which pretty much act as the lead to the song.

Although I wouldn’t necessarily call Coffee catchy, it is extremely enjoyable and something that you will want to listen to a lot. I can imagine Salt The Snail, and certainly hope they, put out an EP or LP in the near future sounding like a happier version of something that Teef or Cocaine Piss would create.

All in all, I approve, and at a time I am trying to limit my caffeine intake…

Rating: 8.6/10

Jake Hancke – 30/03/2017

Coffee is available to download for free via BandCamp, or is streamable on SoundCloud.

You can follow Salt The Snail on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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