Cocaine Piss – The Dancer [Album Review]

cocaine-piss_the-dancer-wpcf_300x300If the name doesn’t sell you, this may not be the album for you.

For those yet to be enlightened, Cocaine Piss are probably one of the roughest, through and through hardcore-punk bands that you will find today. The straight up anti-melodic shouting (not exactly what most would expect from a female vocalist) and energetic in-your-face thrashings mix up quite the listening experience.

The Dancer is, in summary, a straight up brash punk album, which blasts out a hardcore edge with it’s more blistering, all out loud moments. And although it offers little in the way of a breather, no songs sound too similar to one another, retaining your attention from start to finish.

Although there is nothing in particular about the individual elements of each song that jumps out as amazing, somehow everything blended together works really well, most notably in the almost-catchy Elegance, and in the almost-singalong Nostalgia, which solely consists of the lyrics “When I was a kid, nobody was dying”. Even though the is little change in the sound of each instrument from one song to the next, there are no real dull moments, and the fact that this holds up well as a whole 14 song LP is incredible. That said, a 22 minute long LP. But the point still stands.

The thing is, it is easier to tell you why you may not like Cocaine Piss, but that doesn’t mean that The Dancer isn’t fucking incredible, if you like this sort of thing. The main opinions would either on the one hand contain the phrases “a bit much”, “too shouty” or “not really catchy enough for me”, or it would be “holy fuck, yes, this is the shit!” So I guess there you go, anticipate which of those you may more likely to use to describe music and chances are, that would be the strong feeling towards The Dancer.

Rating – 8.2/10

Jake Hancke – 22/11/2016

The Dancer is available to buy now from Bandcamp, No Man Records (UK) and Amazon, and is streamable from Spotify.

You can find more about Cocaine Piss on their Facebook Page.

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