Missiles of October – Better Days [Album Review]

moo_digifile-pochette-v2-1203One of my favourite things about reviewing music: being introduced to a band that you would never have otherwise come into contact with who sit very nicely within your tastes. I have huge soft spots for anything that is filthy and unpredictable, two boxes of which are thoroughly ticked and pissed all over in Better Days.

Missiles Of October produce a very raw sound, with songs flitting between setups with dual guitars and a rough bassline, and a satisfyingly overdriven bass and single guitar. The lack of studio processing keep things simple and clean cut, and give the sound a unique edge over most music you come across these days.

The songs themselves power through some simple, catchy riffs that tend to steal the show as they are thrashed out through heavy repetition. This approach can fall either way; Better Days will lose you if your attention flits away for too long, or it will continuously dig it’s hooks in through the course of the album. The structures are similar to that of Queens Of The Stone Age, who’s best songs are essentially the same, simple riffs repeated for the entire song, except where Missiles of October stand out (aside from not being fronted by a massive cunt) is the unpredictable nature.

The opener, State Of Crisis, packs a riff that will stick with you for days after listening. Title track, Better Days, is by far the catchiest of them all, a 2 minute blazer capturing the heavier, punk side of the band. This then drops you into Everyday, a 7 minute epic that completely contrasts their sound and styles, slowing things right down before breaking down in an extremely loud, wailing fashion, which makes you wish you were witnessing this whole ordeal live.

Which is essentially the biggest problem with Better Days. The music has been captured so well, but it would all be so much better live with the physical energy encompassing the room, and your attention fully focussed on what is happening. It is sometimes too easy to become distracted and lose the dynamics of the album. Not that Missiles Of October are one of those serious, deep and complex bands, but the way the songs work best, without the similar sounding guitars becoming too samey, relies on you paying more attention on this one. But don’t let that put you off, if you like rough, noisy and unpredictable guitar driven music, this is an album you will want to delve your ears into and give a good opportunity to sink in.

Rating – 7.2/10

Jake Hancke – 25/11/2016

Better Days is free to download now from Bandcamp. CD versions are available from POGO Records, Ebus Music and Bonobo Stomp. Vinyl will be available from these stores in December 2016/January 2017.

For more information on Missiles of October, check out their Facebook page.

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