Mums – Land Of Giants [Album Review]

mums-land-of-giantsThere have been a few albums that I have bought this year, going into them with little to no previous knowledge, and coming away with a new addiction. Land Of Giants has been the final one of 2016 for me.

Mums are everything enjoyable about noise rock; filthy bass, messy fills and lots of feedback and distortion. This three-piece know how to keep things catchy despite an otherwise off-putting for most sound, most notably with the absolutely addictive riff that makes Can Of Worms one of the best-played-loud-songs of the year.

The vocals aren’t anything that you can really sing along to, with a very grungesque manner about them, which although may be a make-or-break situation for some listeners, definitely rounds off the edge of Mums’ sound. Some of the drum sections are insanely good, backing some real crowd mover pieces.

The only thing for me that could be drawn as a negative, which is something that I have felt way too often this year, is that the last few songs on the album don’t feel as strong as the rest, particularly if you are listening with the bonus track Straight Lines. Not that Land Of Giants ends with bad songs as such, for one I feel Straight Lines closes better than In A Museum, and the verse for COPS is as solid as they come, but the overall appeal isn’t quite there.

One listen of this is more than enough to pull you back for multiple play throughs, and there are riffs here that will stay implanted in your skull for weeks. Land Of Giants is definitely one to check out, and one that will claw Mums onto your radar, leaving you craving a live show and more loud. All the loud!

Rating: 8.1/10

Jake Hancke – 28/12/2016

Land Of Giants is available to buy now from Bandcamp, Amazon and other good places.

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