Suicidal Tendencies – World Gone Mad [Album Review]

suicidal-tendencies-world-gone-madSuicidal Tendencies are one of those bands who released a debut album that I absolutely adore, but then all of the following albums just didn’t do a thing for me. That was until 1999 when Freedumb came out. Since then, each album that I have heard has pleased me immensely, World Gone Mad included.

When Suicidal Tendencies emerged, they were one of the best punk/hardcore bands of their day, and in my personal opinion, they completely lost it after 1 album. The sound incorporated more ballady/metal influences and their edge was lost. Freedumb seemed to restore a lot of what I felt was missing, and since then their sound has remained more along their stronger lines.

So, World Gone Mad. The sound definitely sits more within the realms of Metal and Hardcore than Punk; the songs are long, explosive, and packed with hefty riffs. The best of Suicidal Tendencies are here; killer bass lines, guitars that shred your ears into dust, huge drums and, well, your typical Mike Muir vocals. The lyrics are as witty as you’d expect, but at times songs feel like they have been dragged out rather than naturally being at larger lengths. But that’s not really a major drawback here.

My biggest problem with Suicidal Tendencies albums have been the mellower songs, which feel more whiney and drab than anything else. Here, Still Dying To Live gives you a good few minutes of this, but picks itself back up to end the song, making the song a lot more enjoyable. This is actually a common theme for the album; songs seemingly playing out for a few minutes, then a sudden drive kicks in feeding frequent doses of “Fuck Yeah!” Then the album closer, This World, is a pretty fucking solid acoustic track, which is wholly welcome.

Then of course there are your faster, upbeat moments, most notable Happy Never After, which is just Suicidal Tendencies through and through. It doesn’t take long for you to be grabbed by World Gone Mad, and thankfully it doesn’t let you down as the hour passes by.

On the whole, World Gone Mad is, personally, one of Suicidal Tendencies’ best releases. At times songs feel longer than necessary, but there aren’t any songs to strongly dislike at all. Everything works. If you’re a fan of the band, I can’t imagine you being disappointed by this latest release.

Rating: 8.6/10

Jake Hancke – 29/12/2016

You can buy World Gone Mad from, like, everywhere.

For more on Suicidal Tendencies, check out their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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