Capital Youth – Lemonade [EP Review]

capital-youth-lemonadeOver the course of writing reviews for The Cauteriser, I have somehow managed to dig into darker, dirtier and all round noisier bands as I’ve gone along. Then Capital Youth come along with something a lot more, shall I say normal? It took my ears a few play throughs to get back to grips with something that isn’t bombarded with distortion and unpredictable loudness, but damn, Lemonade is one solid EP.

I don’t like just saying that an album sounds like ‘this band mixed with that band’, but Capital Youth have some Hives vibes going on, with easy to enjoy punk rock rhythms playing behind vocals that give the music a bit more of an edge and overall character.

Lemonade starts off very strongly with the upbeat Chinatown, then deals you catchier numbers Where You Are and In A Maze (by far the best song of the crop). The last two songs didn’t feel as memorable, but they aren’t particularly bad as to defer my fondness towards the whole EP, they just lack that hook to make you want to listen to Lemonade again.

Capital Youth keep things simple and straight in and out, with each song lasting between 1:30 and 2:30 in length. The short bursts of ‘feel good’ music are hard to dislike, and although Lemonade isn’t wholly mind-blowing, it is an enjoyable blast with moments that will bring you back for repeat listens. But most importantly, it is beyond that of any commercial band that you will find trying to do the same thing. That said, this is totally a band that I would be happy to listen to an LP from; with just more of the same and I’d be sold.

All in all, Capital Youth have created something that is easy to get into, catchy and that should be enjoyable to most listeners of alternative music. Go and give it a listen in one of the many streamable locations and I’m sure you’ll be buying the EP/adding the songs to your playlists in no time.

Rating: 7.1/10

Jake Hancke – 30/01/2017

Lemonade is available to stream now on Soundcloud and most other sources. You can also order the EP on 10″ Vinyl (5 copies left as of writing).

For more on Capital Youth you can follow them on Facebook.

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