The Mansters – The Mansters [Album Review]

mansters-manstersI have a strange soft spot for grindcore/speed metal bands, ones that would be nothing more than loud noise to most people. Strange because it shouldn’t really be a soft spot, more of an infected wound. Nonetheless, The Mansters are all about loud, thrashy music that doesn’t mess around. It just fucks you up.

I’m not all about that mindset of “the louder the better”, I still want catchy riffs, big hooks and songs that embed themselves into your mind to keep you coming back. The Mansters don’t have that for me. This album, within its 10 minute barrage, will satisfy any craving for some fast thrash metal music, which is what it does best. There is variance song by song, not just a sludge of instrument ploughing; the 10 tracks within are at heart a bunch of post punk songs played at incredible speed. The danger is zoning out and missing the detail that makes The Mansters enjoyable.

The Mansters remind me of bands like Discharge, with some guitar shredding that would fit right at home of one of Suicidal Tendencies’ better albums. There are some standout moments, like the short burst that is Shit City, or the slight detours such as in the intro of Parasites, but I can’t say that there are any real shining riffs or hooks in the album. But that isn’t necessarily what this music is about.

There isn’t much detail that I can go in with this one, if you like thrash punk, post hardcore, speed metal or anything in between, The Mansters will feel right at home to you. If you have anything in your collection that consists of songs less than 2 minutes each then you should know what to expect.

The songs are more tuneful that most bands of the genre with guitars adding something more in the way of melody, and catchiness isn’t something that this kind of music is about, but my taste is what it is, and there are quite simply plenty of bands out there that do a lot more for me. However, if your drug is music that makes you want to throw your body at things, give it a go and see what you think.

Rating: 6.8/10

Jake Hancke – 02/02/2016

The Mansters is available to buy now from Bandcamp with a vinyl releasing coming soon. It is also available to steam on Spotify.

You can find more on The Mansters via their Facebook page and Ampmandens Records.

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