The Bare Minimum – Sink To The Top [Album Review]

the-bare-minimum-sink-to-the-topIt’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of punk. That said, I haven’t been hugely impressed with many punk releases over the last decade. Sure there are some bands who have been around for decades, such as NoFX and The Descendents, who never let their old fans down, but most promising newer punk bands end up being a let down.

If you share this same opinion, then you need to check the fuck out of The Bare Minimum. Sink To The Top is a catchy, upbeat punk rock album that does not fail to satisfy from start to finish. The sound is similar to that of older bands, such as The Bouncing Souls, combined with fresher faced punks like Get Dead. The guitars are thrashy as hell and full of some insanely good riffs played with serious speed. At times the tones and rhythms clash into a bit of a mess, most notably for me in Please Sir, I Want Some More. But whenever this is the case, the chances are you ears are being distracted by the vocals.

I could pretty much just pick out any song from the album as being a highlight, the quality is fairly consistent throughout. There some moments, most notably with The Only Thing You Can Keep, where things step up into the realms of Hardcore, but the staple sound of the band is almost always present.

One thing that really gets me going about an album is the closing songs, and Sink To The Top does things to me in that respect. Felt Like An Actor does that whole penultimate, taken down a notch thing so well, then History Is Small blasts out a sort of punk-ballad that, although the sound of the rhythm guitar doesn’t really appeal to me on its own, the whole package makes for the perfect closer.

The Bare Minimum aren’t necessarily doing anything unique here, but what they pull off is an amazing punk rock album full of great music, catchy choruses and zero let downs. And that is a rarity in the genre these days. Plus, they included a really adorable photo of a dog in the press pack (I’m assuming who belongs to one of the band members?) Totally no bias there…

Check out Garbage Lungs. If you like what you hear, you will love the full album! I can give you 100% guarantee on that (and this is coming from a realist (or a pessimist, if you’re an optimist)).

Rating: 8.1/10

Jake Hancke – 08/02/2017

Sink To The Top will be released on 28th March 2017. You can download the single Garbage Lungs from now their website.

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