The Bare Minimum – Where The Buses Don’t Come [EP Review]

The Bare Minimum - Where The Buses Don't ComeI’ve been so caught up by the amazing experimental, industrial and explosive music coming in recently, I almost forgot what it was like to hear some solid punk rock coming into my inbox. And here we are…

I covered The Bare Minimum with their previous album, Sink To The Top. In fact, I forgot how great that album was until now. The one thing I love about this band is how they rekindle my love for some straight up honest punk music, as I’ve previously mentioned, even the most seasoned bands have turned stale in the recent years. But these fresh bloods are keeping the life kicking in the genre.

Although in some ways less ambitious, the sound here is much more refined, and with no messing around, Where The Buses Don’t Come does the deed with minimum yet effective style. Almost more in toe with speed punk and hardcore, this 13 minute EP is tightly packed with solid riffs, shreds and blasted rhythms to keep your ears on the edge. Personally, I’d have been happy with more of the same, but the minor twists to the tale are equally as satisfying and welcome to the sound.

Most EPs tend to feature some iffy fills, but here you get zero weak spots. From the ever so brief Safe Bet setting the tone, the energy doesn’t waver for a second. Trainwreck pushes things into hardcore territory the most, but ultimately The Bare Minimum have delivered the most solid punk rock release I have heard this year. The only problem is picking less than 6 favourites for those playlist enthusiasts out there.

If you still need a tag line to sell you, then make it this; if you aren’t completely sold on punk rock yet, The Bare Minimum are the kind of band that deal the energy and aggression whilst simultaneously pounding out non-stop hooks and a constant up-beat rhythm. If you are already an avid fan of the genre, then end your year on this highlight. If you still aren’t budging, that racoon is on his way to rip your balls off (it’s a free download on BandCamp so no excuses!)

Rating: 8.5/10

Jake Hancke – 12/11/2018

Where The Buses Don’t Come is available now via BandCamp, iTunes and Spotify.

You can find more on The Bare Minimum via their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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