Sicker Man – Off The Trail [Album Review]

Sicker ManIf you love cello with your noise, you’ll want Sicker Man in your collection.

Although opening with anti-melodic heavy overdrive, there is a lot more to Off The Trail. A steady blend of static rumblings and orchestral pieces create a harsh sound full of character. This one half of Slutty Clowns has a highly personal, fairly stripped back sound with strong focus on the lead elements within each song.

If you took filthy industrial electronics, the most obnoxious of noise rock guitars and lots of cello, you will almost have Sicker Man. Though this is not simply a case of wild genres thrown together, this is an album created with passion and personality and somehow, despite how on paper this all sounds like an unnatural spawn from someone wanting to induce as many headaches as possible, the result is something quite magically unique.

Although Open Up does sound like the soundtrack of a seedy nightmare, for the most part Off The Trail is surprisingly soothing, despite the dark drones that creep in. This is obviously not going to be to the taste of many out there, but for lovers of experimental music and something you can close your eyes and become entranced by, Sicker Man are well worth your time.

For a solo artist, this is incredible, and being able to blend such contrasting sounds into something that works so well is beyond admirable. Off The Trail is a rollercoaster of ambience, and although it is a nice piece to stick on while you work, it deserves some undivided attention to appreciate all that it has to offer. And the blue vinyl looks pretty tasty too, and adds that little bit of extra charm to the audio.

Rating: 8.0/10

Jake Hancke – 18/11/2018

Off The Trail will be released on 7th December 2018 and is available to order digitally or on vinyl via Bandcamp and all of your typical sources including Amazon.

You can find more on Sicker Man via their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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