Slutty Clowns – Weit Pfeiff [EP Review]

Slutty Clowns - Weit PfeiffAny regular readers (I know there aren’t any, but I can dream…) may recall there was a spat of Doom/Drone/Sludge/Stoner Rock bands that I was covering last Summer. Safe to say, they got a bit stale after a while, but when Slutty Clowns popped up in my inbox, I was all over that shit.

Another brilliant name aside, this German duo have an extra trick up their sleeves. Aside from amping up the creativity, they amped up the sounds too, literally. As opposed to just banging around some slow, repetitive guitar riffs in noise rock fashion or slapping some electronics and effects into a few audio projects on the ol’ computer, Slutty Clowns do the Sonic Youth thang in getting as much noise out of an amplifier as possible.

Utilising nothing but string instruments and analogue effects and synths, this is a side to Drone that you don’t hear a lot. It’s less repetitive melodies, more dark, atmospheric sounds threaded together into a piece of music that you can really get lost in. There is plenty of fuzz, feedback and wailing, and despite the long track lengths on paper, the 4-track EP is far from a drag to listen through.

As much as I can praise Weit Pfeiff, it is definitely not going to be for everyone, even noise and Doom fans. Slutty Clowns are purely atmospheric and the melodies are almost non-existent. There is a distinct lack of beat, rhythm or real structure, and although this may not matter, the one thing I did feel was a lack of variety in the sounds themselves. As beautifully creative as they are, the limited range through the instruments used is somewhat noticeable, which is most probably why not many artists strive for this niche.

All said and done, €3 will get you an immense 40 minutes of noisy, unique audio which you are unlikely to experience anywhere else. If like me you enjoy getting lost in music sat in a dark room with headphones on, Slutty Clowns are certainly worth your time.

Rating: 7.4/10

Jake Hancke – 04/03/2018

Weit Pfeiff is available now via BandCamp.

You can  find more on Slutty Clowns via their website, Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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