Jean Foutre – Last Miserable Granite Spring [Album Review]

Jean Foutre - Last Miserable Granite SpringSometimes a band will crop up out of nowhere and kick you so hard in the dick that the hairs fly out of your skin. Most Cloths at the ready, this is Jean Foutre.

There’s no denying that a solid electronic beat does things to your insides, but more so when coupled with some brutal guitars. It’s not uncommon for hard rock or metal bands to throw synths in the mix, but the majority of the time they suck and just don’t pleasure me at all. But flip that shit around and you’re onto something. Away with the synth leads and get some filthy industrial beats going on, then get the rawk in there.

Now those guitars… tasty basslines, meaty riffs and jagged hooks create a vibe flitting between thrash and grunge. At times the blend sounds like Pretty Hate Machine on speed, others more Ministry-esque, but for the most part you will forget that any other music exists and be wishing you could crank the volume higher.

LMGS is busting nuts of energy left, right and centre, so much so that it is difficult to pick out many particular highlights from the onslaught. One thing for certain is the impossibility of boredom while this is playing, and I couldn’t imagine anyone only listening to Jean Foutre once. One listen to Moist Cloth and you will be sold, after dealing with the inevitable semi that the music video will give you.

Production nerds would probably just complain about the album being mixed too loud (through personal experience) but if you actually care for real music, I’d like to hear what people have to fault about LMGS. Pushing the fusion of electro and rock in the right direction, Jean Foutre are two talented bastards who can run anywhere from here, and I’m sure the future is very dark for them (good dark. Black is life.)

Rating: 9.0/10

Jake Hancke – 22/11/2018

Last Miserable Granite Springs is available now via BandCamp and all of your usual streaming sources.

You can find more on Jean Foutre via their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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