Unstoppable Sweeties Show – Bring Kath Her Breamcatcher [The Musical] [Album Review]

Unstoppable Sweeties ShowI don’t think I could name any post punk/jazz artists, at least that I have ever listened to. I can’t say that it is really a “genre” that I could get into, but you will want to get this little slice of it if just for the bizarre happiness within.

Unstoppable Sweeties Show Are something quite different, and if this whole concept is new to you then pay close attention. This isn’t simply a strange twist from ska-punk, Bring Kath Her Breamcatcher is a journey of fun melodies, happy vibes and a series of animal like vocalisations provided in the 5-track She Wee interlude section. Ultimately, if you were to drive around blasting this out of your open windows, you would look like an absolute maniac, but if you actually gave the time to soak it all in, you will keep coming back and discover a little more depth each time.

This is one of those bands who appear to be quite carefree and all for the fun of it, but deep down this is quite the artistic creation. This isn’t about just banging together various sounds out of the norm and calling it experimental, but more the blending of the best elements of two genres whilst retaining strong listenable qualities. At least for the most part.

I’m by no means a fan of Jazz, but nor am I about 95% of Ska. If you’re willing to give anything new and different a chance, then definitely give this some attention. In their second album, Unstoppable Sweeties Show have a well established sound and clearly running with passion to create such an abstract musical album. The lyrics are incredibly poetic at times, and the shift in approaches to each track keep things unpredictable. Spoiler alert: Water Music I is actually entirely created playing water. Now you’re intrigued.

Even if this isn’t really your thing, you’ll have a blast listening to Bring Kath Her Breamcatcher at least once.

Rating: 8.0/10

Jake Hancke – 29/11/2018

Bring Kath Her Breamcatcher [The Musical] is available now on CD or as a digital download via BandCamp.

You can find more on Unstoppable Sweeties Show via their website and Facebook.

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