Fret! – Through The Wound The Light Comes In [Album Review]

fret-through-the-wound-the-light-comes-inI have previously described bands as sounding like the true indie music of the 80s/early 90s, similar to many of the bands that I grew up listening to from the mother’s vinyl collection. Never before have I heard a band so true to those roots like Fret! are.

Fret! have an iconic fuzz-rock sound combined with a laid back style and distinct approach, resulting in a unique listening experience. The majority of Through The Wound The Light Comes In is comprised of instrumental pieces, of which consist of some fairly decent melodies and rough, overdriven guitars that help define Fret!’s style.

The songs that do contain vocals… well, they aren’t exactly the most tuneful. And this is far from a negative point. I absolutely adore the style that Fret! have adopted here, and to be honest, it is probably one of the aspects that won me over the most. Instead of catchy, rhythmic, sing-along hits, you are treated to inspired tales of bus journeys and shopping in Primark for children’s shoes. They will make you laugh, they will make you cry, they will make you never see the outside world in the same way again. Or they will at least give you a smile.

A lot of the album, although mostly played through overdriven guitars, does fluctuate between softly played segments to add quieter dynamics and more aggressively thrashed out breaks to liven things up. Through The Wound… isn’t an album designed to be blasted out loud, but you won’t necessarily want to keep it too quiet either. It is an album you will want to take the time to properly listen to, as it thoroughly deserves the focus, especially for those lyrics!

Through The Wound… ventures around a variety of genres, often sounding more like a garage rock band with offerings of classic punk, others sounding more like an experimental/art rock/folk rock/god knows what rock act. There is an air of character about certain songs that just stand out, be it the more sullen music backing the sob story of Freeman, or Surf with its… well typical sounding surf melodies (no idea if that is a real genre). Nonetheless, if you are a fan of bands like Sonic Youth, Violent Femmes, or just classic Indie music in general, you NEED to hear this album.

Rating: 8.3/10

Jake Hancke – 01/03/2017

Through The Wound The Light Comes In is available to buy digitally or on CD from Cruel Nature Records.

You can find more on Fret! from Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube and their BandCamp pages.


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