Enamel Animal – Unfaith [Album Review]

Enamel Animal - UnfaithEnamel Animal; I like the name alone. 8/10 job done.

Unfaith deserves something more in depth than a one liner though so I should probably continue. On the outset, it is a very solid debut album, comfortably set in a run of the mill alternative rock sound. But the more you get into it, the more that unfolds before you.

Opening song, Surrender Reverence, helps open your headspace with a simple, built up introduction that slams you with its first big riff. If within this first minute you haven’t turned up the volume (assuming you didn’t already start it out at the highest level), then maybe you aren’t ready for Unfaith.

The style that Enamel Animal possess is quite full in depth, which is by far their strong point. Each song holds a key hook, a “Fuck Yeah” factor, be it one of the many amazing riffs, the use of effects or simply some of the phenomenal song writing. The sound varies from the more aggressive, punk fuelled I Love Creationists, with its chorus of “It’s your time to die” and kickass rhythm, to the hugely atmospheric and deeply written The Thousand Years.

If you are even moderately interested in guitars, then there is a lot to get you going here. There is a lot of pedal work, from simple wah and delays to phasers and interesting combinations, building up Enamel Animal’s killer sound. A lot of the time these help carry melodies up a notch, and others just add that something more to the music.

There is definitely a more experimental side to Enamel Animal that seeps through here and there, and the quiet/loud contrast seems to have been truly mastered. I could pick out any song from Unfaith for its chorus, lyrics, or general wow-factor, but in my opinion each song could personally demonstrate all three single handedly. I can only comment on personal taste for generally heavier, louder music, but the fact that something like this has been so enjoyable to me… as much as I love more unique and experimental rock, not a lot hit this many right spots.

If you like music that is that bit more complex and gives you a lot to tune into, you shouldn’t let Unfaith pass you by. Unfaith is extremely difficult to criticise, and for coming from a small UK band who are self-promoting their free to download debut album, I guarantee that you could go out to your local HMV and find it extremely difficult to pick out an album this impressive.

Rating: 9.0/10

Jake Hancke – 06/03/2016

Unfaith is free to download from BandCamp. It is also available to stream from their Soundcloud and YouTube pages.

You can find more on Enamel Animal from Facebook and Twitter.

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