Enamel Animal – Anymore [Single Review]

Enamel Animal - AnymoreIt has gotten to the point for me where the more unique, experimental and downright weird music has been taking more of my interest, especially with writing for so many bands, so when I start talking favourably about some good, honest alternative rock music, then you know that it’s something to take note of.

Enamel Animal are a band who encompass every quality that once made music great, before bands had to start ramming random genres together to become “progressive” or mellow out enough for radio to be your best friend. Even now, your run of the mill alternative acts tend to lack any real drive behind them and end up as a more forgettable support band on a night out, but that’s about as critical as this page is going to end up. Telling other bands they suck.

Here we have a band who know how to make a song. In fact, they’ve made quite a few. Props to them. But one thing that has stood out since their return this year is that Enamel Animal didn’t fluke an amazing album together, nor have they needed to change anything about themselves to re-deliver with this new single. What makes a song good isn’t necessarily how it sounds, but more what it’s doing, and Anymore has captured the elements that make this band so important.

On the surface is a set of vocal melodies that are very easy on the ears coupled with some rather soothing tones throughout the verses.  But as a whole Enamel Animal have a beefy sound with a lot going on. Their strong use of effects help to add depth without becoming overpowering and help deliver the intense nature that drives their powerful music.

I don’t think any one song can do this band justice, but Anymore is certainly a solid starting point if you’re new to this band, but if you have already listened to Unfaith (which if you haven’t, please rectify) then the new single will set in that excitement for their return.

Jake Hancke – 01/11/2019

Anymore is available now on Spotify and all other typical streaming/download services.

You can find more on Enamel Animal via their BandCamp, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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