Dead Shed Jokers – New Single/Video and All The Seasons Vinyl Release

DSJ - Band Photo (Compress)All The Seasons is standing firm as one of my top albums of 2019, and Dead Shed Jokers have just released a new way to be pleasured by their creation with a gorgeous red 180g gatefold vinyl alongside the new single, Feel Some More, with its own complimentary lyric video.

Selecting a single from this album couldn’t have been an easy task with every song being a possible contender, but just reading the title alone will be enough for listeners to get this track immediately rolling through their head. With Feel Some More, Dead Shed Joker’s powerful rock style incorporates a strong blues style that cuts through their more laid back approach, shining just one of many lights on the band’s writing diversity.

If you haven’t already, check out our review of All The Seasons and pick yourself up a copy; the care and pride put into this release is stand out and rightly so, and being such an easy band to fall in love with they more than deserve your time to give this a listen.

You can pick up the limited run vinyl, or a copy on CD, from their BandCamp store.

For more on Dead Shed Jokers check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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