Bisch Nadar – Wink Murder [Single Review]

Bisch Nadar - Wink MurderI’m not entirely sure how to pronounce Bisch Nadar, so forgive me if I say it incorrectly during this review.

While the single title, Wink Murder, could be simply considered in reference to the party game, the critic in me is delving further inside the 10 characters and joining dots between the “wink”, being the rather soothing melodies and dreamy guitars within the intro and bridge, and the “murder” being the absolute ear pummelling that Bisch Nadar throw at you for the remaining two and a half minutes. The critic in me is a fucking idiot though so don’t listen to him. I also think he’s been stealing from me.

What is unavoidably obvious about Wink Murder though is the pure power of the chunky riffs, which are guaranteed to wake you up on a Monday morning (tried and tested). Bisch Nadar have established an extreme flow of styles drifting between elements of post punk, metalcore, math rock and your classic alt-rock. It’s best to go in not expecting anything, receive a mild headfucking, then replay for an optimal result.

All that anyone still unconvinced at this point needs to know is that the drums are beautifully complex, the guitar styles are extremely varied and highly effective, and the vocal delivery offers the best of “WOOOAARGHH” and melody. The blend works well enough for Bisch Nadar to stand out as a worthy contender against that thing you were going to do before you got distracted by internet things.

I guarantee you, Bisch Nadar are worth your time and a place high up in your Spotify playlists, or whatever it is you people use these days.

Jake Hancke – 04/11/2019

Wink Murder is available now on Spotify, Apple Music and all other major platforms.

You can find more on Bisch Nadar via their Facebook, Twitter and BandCamp.

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