Dead Shed Jokers – All The Seasons [Album Review]


I don’t like all of the seasons so I wasn’t sure as to how I would… okay I’ll definitely stop this now.

Dead Shed Jokers are one of the few bands that can still craft honest rock music without sounding dull and uninventive. All The Seasons is their first album in 4 years, which may not sound a lot but it feels like forever. I would complain, but if this band wasn’t exciting enough, then the anticipation of what that time out could brew up… well keep your expectations high because you will not be disappointed.

If the opening single, Phantom Pains, doesn’t get you pumped up for the album to follow, then I suggest you keep listening to it until you are. There is a lot to take in with All The Seasons, and even though approaching the album with a few casual listens will still guarantee a few moments to jump out at you, Dead Shed Jokers are phenomenal writers and deserve your time to really delve into their work.

From the more intricate title track to the more frantic Spanner In The Works, you will be treated to a vast range of ideas and influences, whether it be some bluesy riffs, carefully built up structures which can take a track well far beyond the 5 minute mark, or extreme contrasts in weight within a song. Everything that Dead Shed Jokers put out feels like an “epic”, which most bands just try to pull off once per album.

Their debut album, Peyote Smile, really set the bar high, and I can’t think of many bands who can be so consistent. But here we are. Fans of technically perfect music will be at home here, and for everyone else; get yourself stuck into something that can stand out through the power of song writing, as opposed to trying to set two completely different genres up on a date, getting them drunk and leaving a hotel room key on the table. It may be fun at the time but those kinds of relationships don’t last. Buy this album!

Rating: 9.5/10

Jake Hancke – 26/08/2019

All The Seasons will be available on Friday 6th September 2019 with pre-orders available now on CD or digitally via Bandcamp.

You can find more on Dead Shed Jokers via their Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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