They’re Coming To Get You Barbara – Damn! These Electric Sex Pants [Single Review]

TCTGYB - Damn These Electric Sex PantsThey’ve got the band name, they’ve got the song title, they’ve got the Matt Berry sample, all that’s left is a weird prog-metal concoction to bring it all together…

Weird being a term used loosely, it is very much a prog-metal track, but the delivery and charm of Damn! These Electric Sex Pants will still cater to those who aren’t fans of the genre, such as myself.

It’s safe to say I’ve had some interesting songs land in my inbox this year, and one taking references from Night Of The Living Dead and a Matt Berry character earn top bonus points from me. So even if the music was shite, we’d still be looking around a 4/10 at this point.

TCTGYB seem to have pulled off every staple from 80s metal in short, effective doses, from the vocal styles to the synths you will have little segments jumping out at you left, right and centre, almost leaving the lyrics in the background entirely. But the IT Crowd inspired adventure is one you will want to soak up, primarily if you’ve seen the show to understand the references, but even if not the entire package is zany enough to be appreciated by all.

When you have comedic lyrics so strong, you can afford to take music risks and swipe anything that doesn’t work for people off as being part of the act (unlike Steel Panther, who are just shit. There, I said it), but TCTGYB seem to sincerely know what they are doing and reigned in enough styles and influences to appeal to the majority of listeners, without overdoing any elements that might not be to some tastes. You’ve got the riffs and vocals melodic enough to have you abruptly singing the chorus at your colleagues, and there’s plenty to keep you interested and the novelty from wearing off after a week.

If you’re not sold by now, then prepare to put mustard on these words, for soon you will be consuming them (best related quote I could think of, sorry…)

Rating: 8.0/10

Jake Hancke – 05/09/2019

Damn! These Electric Sex Pants is available now via BandCamp.

You can find more on They’re Coming To Get You Barbara via their Facebook page. 

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