Modern Day Dukes – 100% Full Fat Noise [Album Review]

Modern Day Dukes - 100% Full Fat NoiseWhen talking about bands who shunned guitars from their lineup and ran with basses at full power, Exit_International and Castrovalva have always been the two bands that came to mind. Well now we have Modern Day Dukes.

An overdriven bass will always be satisfyingly filthy no matter what you do, but for a band to still pull off huge melodies reminiscent of the Wildhearts at their peak, then you have to take note. The heavy use of gang vocals and bright synths counteract the heavy undertones to create two sets of layers that if listened to separately you would be unlikely to have matched together.

How does it translate to a studio album? Most bands take a few attempts to get their own sound perfected, and although the influences here are clear, 100% Full Fat Noise isn’t the result of a few people getting together and ripping off their favourite artists to try to pull off some cheap wins. Here we have four guys who know how to write addictive tunes whilst reflecting off multiple genres along the way.

Each track is an addictive hit that will remain difficult to not sing along to. The aggression gradually picks up through the course of the album with the pelters Tourist and Okhrana, and there are only a few instances where the energy begins to waver. You wouldn’t be mistaken for expecting the momentum to wear off after the first two or three tracks, but Modern Day Dukes deliver through to the end, which isn’t something you can say a lot these days.

Even for those listeners who aren’t into the whole experimental weird shit, Modern Day Dukes are a perfect gateway; offering blisteringly poppy tunes over an abnormally fuzzed up rhythm. For those who think the bass is unimportant and shit, then you need to check what this band can deliver. Everyone else should already be headed to the link to listen to this, so you’re welcome in advance.

Rating: 8.7/10

Jake Hancke – 17/09/2019

100% Full Fate Noise is available now from BandCamp.

You can find more on Modern Day Dukes via their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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