Qoheleth – Black And White Electric Light OST [Review]

Qoheleth - Black and White Electric LightIf I had to list bands who I’d love to hear create a soundtrack, Qoheleth would be my top spot. Well, guess what just happened…

Black And White Electric Light is a short film created by VideoBakery; a dark and eerie project which pulls together strong elements of psychological horror into a 5 minute art piece. That’s not a lot of time to create a soundtrack for, so it’s quite surprising to hear how Qoheleth managed to pull together audio spanning almost 4 times the film’s length.

Now I’m not a huge soundtrack guy, hell, my favourites just tend to be ones utilising pre-existing tracks (take the Devil My Cry remake or Baby Driver for instance), but when it comes to horror, the audio chills are something else. After watching Sinister (the first, the sequel was the biggest let down since my father left) and playing Dying Light I fell in love with the idea of creating something, even if just as interludes, that rivalled that unsettling presence.

Back to the stars of this show, and the reason for my opening statement is simple. Their debut album set a solid ground for what Qoheleth are about as a band, which was then followed up by the incredibly ambitious Black Kite Broadcasts project. B&WEL seems to be a natural step forward; a challenge which has been taken in their stride and the result is something fantastically unique through the retention of their core sound.

Turning their focus onto pulling the darkest sounds from their instrumentation and diverting away from the idea of building a song to creating a scene, well that’s not an easy thing to do. This is a band who spend more time out of their comfort zone that in, and the result is a degree of creativity that is hard to come by. From the use of stripped down, sorrowful digital melodies to the playful use of modular guitar effects and static, you can hear the thought that went into the different moods that would need to go into a project like this.

It’s safe to say, you won’t be buying this album to play at your child’s birthday party or to accompany a holiday drive, unless the holiday was, say, off the side of a bridge, but when you’re buying an OST, that isn’t usually the sort of thing you are expecting. I could admit that my soft spot for horror has been hit, but in reality Qoheleth were already a niche, and with this release even more so. But who knows, this may be a gateway to them appearing in the music credits to the next Stephen King remake. Or remake of a remake. I’ve lost track of them all now.

Watch the film, listen to the soundtrack, and go show some love down below.

(I was referring to the links, not that!)

Jake Hancke – 19/09/2019

Black And White Electric Light OST is available now via BandCamp with a very limited run of cassettes available via Philip K. Discs.

You can find more on Qoheleth via their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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