Qoheleth – Black Kite Broadcasts [Album Review And Full Stream]

Qoheleth - Black Kite BroadcastsIt is safe to say, we remain fond of Qoheleth’s debut effort, as they successfully ran away with a true noise rock sound and had fun with their selection of abstract pieces. This time around, they have channelled their creativity into one hell of a concept album. This is Black Kite Broadcasts.

In a post-apocalyptic 2056, Fix Triscuit is presenting what appears to be the final radio broadcast. Across 20 tracks, you get a fine range of songs and spoken segments which all create an amazing atmosphere suiting a Fallout-esque, or in some cases just damn right eerie, story or even movie score. The heavily messy distortion and droney melodies suck you into the helpless world that Qoheleth have created.

The range of ideas are presented through the forms of the different artists featured on the show, each with their own name (from the likes of Terry Falspell, H.R. Giger Counter and Territorial Pissants). Although there is a consistent sound across the album, the styles range from more upbeat, punkier riffs of T(h)rash Panda to the moody guitar and vocal pieces of HWY 666, and then there’s Exquisitely Dressed, and Caked In Blood; what I can only describe as a Sonic Youth infused nightmare. The closing track, titled with just a hyphen, is 10 minutes of experimental guitar and radio noise, a little more in line with what you’d have found on their first album.

Concept albums aren’t easy to do. They can heavily restrict your flow and end up feeling incredibly uninspired when trying to force yourself to stick to a plan or “what works”. Black Kite Broadcasts is a rare case where a concept has been thoroughly nailed in every orifice and filled to the brim with the creative juices. To be fair, Qoheleth have already proven to possess the styles and flow that were necessary to pull this off, but they went in big and finished bigger. Innuendos.

Qoheleth are certainly not going to be to everyone’s taste, but any lover of noise rock should be all over this band. They have once again created an album defining the genre and it is incredibly difficult to fault. On top of that, the creativity with their physical releases (including VHS and physical radios with the entire album pre-loaded onto) are something to drool all over.

Rating: 9.0/10

Jake Hancke – 26/04/2018

Black Kite Broadcasts is available to buy in various forms via BandCamp.

You can find more on Qoheleth via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can stream Black Kite Broadcasts below in it’s entirety below:


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