Von Stache – Von Stache [EP Review and Premier]

Von Stache - Von StacheYou remember in the 90s when a herd of pop punk bands influenced by the likes of The Descendents were starting to gain traction and were pretty good, but then rapidly turned to dog shite alongside the mainstream success? Von Stache are like that peak in the genre, and with their third release, still not showing any signs of becoming said mainstream dog shite. Who said punk was dead?

This “Party Punk” outfit, who reside on the opposite end from us on this huge spherical thing that we’re all stuck on without even the ability to double jump, have grown an extra human to play that four stringed one. Their sound has always been kept fairly straight forward, yet well established ever since their debut, Ghost Face. Now with a dedicated bass person, the style seems to have adopted your more typical classic pop-punk sound, which is never a bad thing as long as you are banging out some decent tunes with the solid punk ‘tude.

It doesn’t take long to realise that the amount of fucks given are fairly low, as Von Stache just blast out rhythms as they damn well please. Saspot’s lyrical content has always been described as angsty, but you won’t hear a much greater vocalised representation of the middle finger than you do with her approach on this EP.

There is certainly no fucking around with the songs either; straight in, get the job done, end. The snappiness leaves you zero time to think about what you’re listening to, so you just have to shut up and enjoy it. Or sing along while you’re jumping around the room, once you know the words. The riffs are solid, the catchy choruses are still present, and the strong personality is still there, all the while avoiding sounding like they are churning out the same old release after release.

If you hate people/life/your brain but want to have a spring in your step while you do it, you need a few doses of Von Stache. Equally, if you need some faith in modern punk music then stuff this EP down your orifice of choice.

Rating: 8.5/10

Jake Hancke – 30/04/2018

Von Stache is available now via BandCamp.

You can find more on Von Stache via Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Be the first to get the EP right here:

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