Mr. Ted – El Dirty Sexy [Album Review]

Mr. Ted - El Dirty SexyMr. Ted could have had an album here that would rival Black Flag’s My War and Slip It In, but that would be boring. Instead we have the most absurdly stupid album that you will ever enjoy for all of the reasons. Right and wrong.

In a world full of music lyrically fuelled by politics, mental health and love (whatever the fuck that is), the most serious topics raised by Mr. Ted are the disappointment of dropping your Quavers and the relatable contemplation of whether to go out or stay in and make picked eggs. If you were to glance at the sporadic writing, the broken rhyming structures and seemingly stupid for the sake of it fills of Sea of Platelets, you’d probably just nope out before giving El Dirty Sexy a chance. That’s before getting to Pickled Eggs and Snakes, which would have perfectly suited an intro to an episode of The Smell of Reeves & Mortimer.

Singing “You’ve really got beans” to the tune of The Kinks’ similarly titled song and Andrew WK Party In Ireland taking a musical nod from the king of parties himself, Mr. Ted drop a few hints at the fact that that there is more to this album than four grown men singing songs with the crude toilet humour that The Descendents adopted with their new found fame when releasing Enjoy! But I’d love to see a packed room singing along with “Bouncy bouncy bouncy wee, bouncy bouncy bouncy poo”. On second thoughts, someone get them a spot at Reading next year!

Somehow, My. Ted still keep themselves at bay from being simply a comedy band. Those kinds of songs aren’t really something to play repeatedly or blast out of your car on the way to work. With maybe Kunt and the Gang being the only exception. Behind the absurdity, you get what is essentially a prog-punk album. A strange concept, but with lengthy structures, the jam tune One 2 Panda and plethora of styles played around with, all coupled with the laid back nature of the album, the result is no two songs sounding the same, and room for a track to breathe comfortably well past the 4 minute marker.

El Dirty Sexy isn’t an album that you need to pay full attention to in order to take some enjoyment from it, but when you pay attention to the fact that Mr. Ted have successfully produced some pretty bang on Irish folk, funk, punk and metal segments, then you could easily got lost within the amount of music genius gone into this album. Then if it any point you start to realise that none of this should ever have been put together whatsoever, then the story of a jungle adventure in the album’s finale should bring you back to earth. Or more accurately kick you back away from it.

The fact is, on paper El Dirty Sexy shouldn’t work. But the placement and care to avoid overusing any ideas, not to mention how if reworked with some sanity half of the songs could actually still stand up as good, honest tracks, all pull the album into more than something just for shits and giggles. Which ironically are two sounds you will hear at the end of some of the songs. Regardless, it’s hard to ignore some of the nice, bright guitars and joyful harmonies; until you realises you are just having school subjects and towns in Ireland listed to you. I don’t know any more. I’ve just written so many sentences that I never thought I would on this website that I don’t know how will review another album again. I feel like I’ve just witnessed a mental breakdown caused by too much happiness. I am currently just aware that I need to proof read this and I don’t even know what to expect to read. Congratulations, Mr. Ted, I think you just won at music…

Rating: Probably

Jake Hancke – 22/09/2019

El Dirty Sexy is available on all major platforms with CDs available on BandCamp.

You can find more on Mr. Ted via their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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