Qoheleth – God Is The Warmest Place To Hide [Album Review]

Qoheleth - God Is The Warmest Place To HideWhen Qoheleth described their music as noise rock… Fuck me, I didn’t expect this.

It only takes opening track, Tombs Of White, for you to realise what you’re in for. Qoheleth are all about loud. The base style tends to sit around sludge/stoner rock, however there is so much raw energy and of a unique approach to this record that the resulting feel is genuinely like they are pummelling each song out right in front of you.

So much about the song writing really shouldn’t work. There is often a broken drum beat, the guitars aren’t always playing any discernible melody, and the vocals are far from singing, but together, along with the crude recording levels, this is true noise rock. Which is beyond satisfying to hear.

God Is The Warmest Place To Hide is far from easy on the ears. The distortion is unrelenting and I’m sure that the drum levels were pretty much constantly peaked somewhere along the production process. There are a lot of interesting segments which sound like Qoheleth had a blast putting together, particularly with the two interludes (Interlewd and Intercrude), and some of the effects and mixing work dotted around, like with the strangely satisfying Advance Of Inhumanity with its weird energy and vocal work. One of the greatest elements of noise rock is the creation of sounds the can be pulled from a guitar, which in many places is the drive in Qoleth’s sound.

This is another one of those albums that are hard to describe to full affect without going into a track by track, which really is a discovery best made first hand. Each song is as different as the last, which keeps the whole record fresh and enjoyable without zoning out from everything that is going on.

The fact is, if you like your music to be loud and obnoxious, something unpredictable and full of character, then Qoheleth have created the album for you. God Is The Warmest Place To Hide is a real love it or hate it album. And for those that love it, do yourself a favour, and when your neighbours are out drinking playing their shitty dance music in the garden this Summer, blast this one back at them. They’ll soon piss their pants and go back inside.

Rating: 8.7/10

Jake Hancke – 01/06/2017

God Is The Warmest Place To Hide is available now on Bandcamp.

You can find more on Qoheleth via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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