This Is Wreckage – Q.Y.C. [Album Review]

This Is Wreckage - Q.Y.C.You know how people like to pick on everything about St Anger, the Metallica album that has somehow apparently gotten worse over time? I remember the one slamming point was the sound of the snare, something that personally didn’t bother me. And apparently, This Is Wreckage more than likely don’t either.

Yep, Q.Y.C. has that distinct sound very similar, which isn’t always easy to tell whether the snare itself is off or if it is just microphone placement, but it is nonetheless extremely noticeable to begin with. And if like me you’re all for this kind of something different, it’s a welcome change.

The guitars in Q.Y.C. are very rough around the edges, and provide one of those instances where they sound huge and brash enough that multitudes of layers to build up the sound are unnecessary. That said, as the album wades on, a little more variety wouldn’t have hurt.

The aggression in the vocals definitely play a big part in the sound for This Is Wreckage, and for the most part, along with some of the lead guitar segments, provide the album with its peak moments. Together they carry the energy straight from the studio to your ears, and come as close to recreating that incredible live atmosphere as possible.

I like a lot of the writing style implemented in Q.Y.C.; the screaming/general shouting for backing vocals and the obnoxious guitars in particular. The only thing I could ask for more of is standout differentiation between songs. Not to say everything sounds the same, you know as soon as you hit standout songs like Running In Furs and Sovereign Teeth, which are the more infectious and roughed-up punk styled tracks them all, but I would love to see a little more experimental creativity from these guys in a future release.

I do really like the sound of Q.Y.C. and its approach, I just feel that it could do with a little bit more here and there, or at least a little something else. But that shouldn’t put off anyone who loves loud, noisy grunge, punk, or anything in between. Go for it.

Rating: 7.5/10

Jake Hancke – 08/03/2017

Q.Y.C. is available to buy now from BandCamp with CD versions available to order from Forbidden Place Records and a vinyl release planned to follow. You can also steam the album on SoundCloud.

You can find more on This Is Wreckage on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation and YouTube.


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