Seraph Sin – God What Have I Done [EP Review]

Seraph SinThis is the first time since the first few months of The Cauteriser that I have written a review on something that wasn’t sent to me (the last being the almighty Mutation record.) I came across Seraph Sin purely because they were played on a radio show that my own music was featured on. I was immediately sold and this EP was something that I felt was a must-share.

Seraph Sin are at heart an EBM/Industrial Metal band, but within the four tracks of God What Have I Done they have successfully achieved a sound that reaches all corners of both genres. Extending from a blistering rush of industrialised speed metal to a more atmospheric and electronic sound, this isn’t an EP that will drone on by and lose you at any point, each song will grab your attention upon every listen.

The frantic drums and synths give the strong industrial base to each song, which then get built on by filthy guitars and harsh vocals. Not a unique combination by any means, but Seraph Sin pull everything off with a level of quality about their approach and chorus hooks that will keep you reaching for the volume.

The closing track, God What Have I Done, is as close to perfect as a song can get. It is gloriously packed with energy and is as satisfying as industrial music will ever get. Loud, aggressive and punching out an infectious beat, this is the song that makes the EP a must buy (and is rightfully its title).

God What Have I Done is an extremely well written EP and will satisfy any craving for loud and punchy music, and one for any industrial fan.

Rating: 9.0/10

Jake Hancke – 29/06/2017

God What Have We Done is available to buy now via Bandcamp and BigCartel.

You can find more on Seraph Sin on their Facebook page.

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