Forest Pooky – We’re Just Killing Time Before We Die [EP Review]

Forest Pooky - We're Just Killing Time Before We DieAcoustic tracks don’t always do it for me. When I was younger, I didn’t enjoy them at all and retained that idea of “the heavier, the better”. Since bands like Rage Against The Machine and The Mars Volta opened me up through my teenage years, I can appreciate them more, but still, they usually have to be spot on and worked well into an album for me. Hefty introduction aside, Forest Pooky have somehow created an acoustic EP that I can’t help but enjoy.

This one man project has created a strangely catchy punk style acoustic sound; a combination of soft instruments played in an up-beat manner. Although a times seeming a bit too poppy for my taste, there is a rougher edge that broadens Forest Pooky’s appeal.

Opening track, Let’s Not Speak About Tomorrow, is a softer opener which gives you a solid initial impression of what’s to come, with the chorus that will stick with you the most. This is followed up by Dance With Me, which is the bigger pop hook of the tracks. One In The Morning is the typical, longer track that you will find on a record, with a slower melody and harder hitting vocals. Growing Up didn’t really do anything for me, where Shining Gold closes the EP well, but I would only call average in comparison to the opening tracks.

Although these are described as acoustic tracks, the sound is built up here and there by some simple drums beats and percussion, and on occasions some softly driven electric guitar. This helps put a little more into the sound and is possibly the key element broadening its appeal, at least I feel that’s where it won me over. The DIY factor may or may not have swung me a little more in favour of this release, but the listenability factor is there for me nonetheless.

As deep as the title may seem, the lyrics here follow suit, being a personal reflection on life and its experiences, which really are where a lot of the best music is made. By genre labels, this isn’t really something I would pick out by choice, but reading more into the artist and giving it a quick listen (as you do when you’re asked to review something), I was pleasantly surprised, and I’d say if you are fond of anything else that I have reviewed, you more than likely will be too.

Rating: 7.4/10

Jake Hancke – 18/06/2017

We’re Just Killing Time Before We Die is available to buy now via Bandcamp.

You can find more on Forest Pooky via their website and Facebook.

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