Forest Pooky – We’re Just Killing Time Before We Die [EP Review]

Forest Pooky - We're Just Killing Time Before We DieAcoustic tracks don’t always do it for me. When I was younger, I didn’t enjoy them at all and retained that idea of “the heavier, the better”. Since bands like Rage Against The Machine and The Mars Volta opened me up through my teenage years, I can appreciate them more, but still, they usually have to be spot on and worked well into an album for me. Hefty introduction aside, Forest Pooky have somehow created an acoustic EP that I can’t help but enjoy.

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Barque – Coffin Cutters [EP Review]


I can’t say that I have ever really listened to much in the way of “Dark Hardcore”, I find that I zone out too easily when listening to more dredge-along music, that feels more about being heavy for the sake of it, but bands like Barque seem to put up a divide, adding more of a shine into the music, albeit a shine in what is still pretty fucking dark.

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