Tabatha Crash – Tabatha Crash [EP Review]

Tabatha CrashEvery so often I only crave louder and filthier music, and then a band will come along utilising big structures in such a way that the heavy use of distortion isn’t missed in the slightest. Enter Tabatha Crash.

Tabatha Crash’s song structures are very much music heavy, with long instrumental segments of brash drums and thrashy guitar riffs making up the majority of their tracks. They are quite drawn out, but this allows for their more laid back approach to the performances to roll into more creative noise rock territories and work in the more playful elements to the execution. Despite this, the finishing sound pins Tabatha Crash down into early 90s lo-fi more than anything else, but the likes of the Mary lead guitar riff and the eerie brass ending to Memories add much more depth to be so simply classified by the genre.

The turn off for most people will be the muddy sound and the lack of any real upbeat moments. That said, most people reading these reviews aren’t going to be that closed minded. The real hook for Tabatha Crash is those instrumental segments, and this EP is definitely one to be appreciated most with headphones on and zero distractions. Personally, I wish current indie music had run in this direction than the lifeless poppy crap that is all over MTV Rocks. But it’s good to see that bands like Tabatha Crash still exist doing their own thing.

Although not your “studio quality” kind of music, Tabatha Crash throw at you a style well suited for live performances in a cushy basement venue, almost that perfection in the imperfection. The balance of messy, barely in tune yet addictive melodies within each instrument strike up the uniquely enjoyable sound. That said, this EP is a must listen for fans of 80s/early 90s indie, lo-fi and grungy fuzz rock.

Rating: 7.9/10

Jake Hancke – 18/01/2018

Tabatha Crash is free to download via BandCamp

You can find more on Tabatha Crash via Facebook

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