Salt The Snail – Spanish Announce Table [Single Review]

Salt The Snail - Spanish Announce TableWhat is it with bands and horses these days?

Salt The Snail’s debut single was one for coffee lovers, their second is for fans of horses and wrestling. But as long as you don’t take life too seriously, then their new single, Spanish Announce Table, still warrants a listen.

Quite raw, repetitive and fun as fuck, Salt The Snail have delivered something that makes me yearn for an LP even more. Although feeling a little more of a good album filler than a solid single to hook you in, Spanish Announce Table packs enough punch to earn some regular play from fans of punk rock, fuzz and anything that doesn’t require crisp production quality to be enjoyed.

The drums pack some fills that will make most listeners moist and the riffs are strong enough to allow the vocals to lack melody and do their punk thang. Although a band more about having a laugh than starting a political movement, there is still a message that Salt The Snail are delivering, but keeping things light hearted while they thrash it out.

Although part of me took to their first single, Coffee, a little more than this release with its straight up frantic persona, Spanish Announce Table still packs a decent kick to it and deserves two minutes of your life to check it out, then another hour or more when you have decided how much you love it.

Rating: 8.2/10

Jake Hancke – 14/01/2018

Spanish Announce Table will be available for free via Bandcamp on 1st February 2018.

Follow Salt The Snail on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud pages.

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