Narcos Family Band – Pink Blues

Narcos Family Band - Pink BluesIn all honesty, one reason why Cauteriser went a bit quiet is because I got bored of the constant samey doom/sludge/metally albums that just offered the same qualities for me to write about. Now this… although not too far apart by sound, is a whole other level at the same time.

So take your typical 80s proggy hard rock sound, influence it with classic rock and roll and some punk rock, then throw in some saxophone for good measure. The result; well it could have gone a number of ways, but although things get quite hectic in the layers at times, the balance is pretty much spot on. The whole sound could have easily become a mess of styles being forced together to create something quirky, but instead you tend to have a basic sound with, for instance, an organ here or an upbeat drum rhythm there adding to the dynamic. There is a lot to get your ears around and with every play through you’ll spot something new.

For a four track EP there is a lot of impressive diversity, from the more frantic opener, Leopard Stealth, through to the proggier pitch-bend heavy title track. In between are the typical sufferers that I get from 4 track EPs, which just don’t stand out enough and become forgettable, at least for me. Not that they are bad, as listening to them in the moment there is no displeasure whatsoever, it’s more being so easily overshadowed by Pink Blues, which ends things in such phenomenal fashion that you don’t want it to end. Safe to say, despite it clocking over 5 minutes and containing one heavily used riff, as it starts to break down half way through and threatens to end, it is so satisfying to hear it all kick back up for a while longer.

As may already be evident, there’s a little bit of something in here for everyone, with dashes of punk, hardcore and metal in some pretty classic rock sounds. It almost sounds as if The Stooges were a Hardcore band, and at times reminds me a lot of The Plight. The thing I take most from it is having such a range of styles, some of which I wouldn’t normally be able to listen to, all in a package that I can easily stick on and enjoy. Obviously in this day and age you can just go and listen to it for free on whatever streaming shite you wish to use, but if you like it, please do buy the physical release. And that goes for everything.

Rating: 7.8/10

Jake Hancke – 08/01/2018

Pink Blues is available to buy now via Bandcamp, with a limited cassette release.

You can find more on Narcos Family Band on Facebook.

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