Jonny Shitbag And The Smokes – Distract Me [Single Review]

Johnny ShitbagI have mentioned a few times about being drawn into a review by a title or back story; this one pretty much tops everything to date…

So, Jonny Shitbag, as you may guess, is the singer and songwriter of this band. However, he went missing 6 months ago after writing the band’s debut album, You Could Not Have Given The Slightest Of Fucks. The Smokes have since made the decision to record what remained and release it themselves, still under the Jonny Shitbag And The Smokes name. If the titles didn’t intrigue you, that knowledge will.

Getting to the important part, this isn’t what I expected. I’m not sure what genre this falls under, more offensive filth pop? I don’t know, but whatever, I find it oddly enjoyable (even without the music video about a Nazi toy and his small cock). At first Distract Me does sound like a pop song with bad vocals. Obviously I have no idea what Jonny Shitbag sung like, but regardless of that it is something you actually get used to. The styles in their sound aren’t typically put together, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the key elements in the melody and delivery are all alive and present.

That said, the music isn’t my style at all, but something about it is listenable despite it pretty much sounding like your average indie pop song. It offers a little more fuzz and care-free vocals, but more importantly the lyrics and titles alone force you to compare it more to punk. It’s best just to stick your head in this one without expectations.

Long story short; the fact that I was more than willing to keep listening to Distract Me to write this should say enough, and I’m intrigued as to what this album will end up sounding like. Although, I naturally hope for other songs to be a bit more rocked up, but open mindedness and all that jazz. Anyway, do the thing:

Rating: 7.7/10

Jake Hancke – 03/01/2018

Distract Me is available for free/name your price on their Bandcamp page.

You can follow Jonny Shitbag And The Smokes on Twitter.

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