Flash House – Brown Sauce [Album Review]

Flash House - Brown SauceBands that offer this frantic heavy punk-rock sound, like Winnebago Deal and The Dwyers, are an immediate win for me. Immediate 9/10 – review sorted.

Annoyingly, in my inevitable biased sway towards one of my favourite styles of music, this album required less listens to have enough to write up (because, you know, I was totally up to listen to this one a lot more). That could always insinuate a lack of depth, which is almost true, at least in comparison to some of the weirder, more experimental and noise-rock releases I have been covering. That said, I am pretty much in my element with this one, so let’s have at it.

Flash House are straight up frantic punk rock. The vocals are rough and shouty, the lead guitars are relentless and faster than a short circuited Rampant Rabbit, and as obnoxious as it will appear to some, you can’t deny the littering of catchy hooks around the heavy, moshable riffs and frantic drums. There are some rock ‘n’ roll tones but the stepped up tempo and punk/hardcore edge really slams into them.

Only 8 tracks, none of which are a great deal in length, mean it comes and goes quite abruptly, and although there are no mellow/experimental/”epic” filler songs anywhere, there isn’t too much material here for you need a couple of tracks to break things up and ensure your attention is locked in. Although I’d like a couple more songs included, I won’t complain as what you do get is solid throughout. And when it comes down to it, the whole package works for Flash House’s persona as it is.

The biased part – I can’t really pick out faults for this style of music, so these are the qualities that will put you off if you aren’t into this sort of thing: there are a tonne of little frantic guitar fills and solos, it is a little bit shouty, Brown Sauce is a full on head-banger, there is plenty of guitar feedback kicking around and it is rather fast.

A band whose history start with two member lying “to a local promoter about having a band so they could get into a Hookers gig for free” certainly kicks things off on a positive note. Opener, Three Wise Monkeys, is enough for you to decide whether this is for you or not, but thankfully isn’t even, in my opinion, the best track here. The quality doesn’t waver a great deal, but Die Alone does slow down just a touch and No Solution is just pure yes! Give it a whirl, try not to smash the place up in the process.

Rating: 8.5/10

Jake Hancke – 23/01/2018

Brown Sauce is available now digitally or on a very limited cassette run via BandCamp (three of the tracks are downloadable for free!).

You can find more on Flash House via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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