Barque – Pyre Builders [EP Review]

Barque - Pyre BuildersDo you like your music loud, crusty and faster than an epileptic seizure? Then you’ll need a dose of Barque in your life.

Interestingly enough, Barque’s last EP, Coffin Cutters, was the first release that I chose to cover to get started with the Cauteriser, and that turned out pretty well. Now we have come full circle and Eastrain Rec, one of the many labels spreading this juicy hell across the world, just happened to send across their next release, Pyre Builders. Safe to say, I wasn’t going to say no.

Barque are a beautiful French outfit putting out the sweetest of post-hardcore, with a gentle seasoning of dark post-punk and maybe just a little bit of aggression to give it some oomph.

Pyre Builders is far from clean cut in the best sense possible. Chaotic rhythms topped with strangely enjoyable melodies are repeatedly slammed into your face with occasional false senses of reprieve, which end up short lived before the pummelling continues.

For bands that attempt the all out mental speed hardcore sounds, their albums tend to lack a little something stand out, but Barque weave in plenty of ideas keeping each track discernibly different and your interest honed in from start to finish. The layers of distorted guitars help to build up a rather unique sound, and the structuring of songs, most notably HDQ, really emphasise the built up layers.

For an EP, Pyre Builders gives you plenty to delve into with more of a feeling of a short album than a small collection of songs that they’re sat on to chuck out on a quick release. Nor are there any weak moments that feel like fillers or recording with less care or passion. This is one of those releases where it is hard to pick out any one particular track that stands above the rest, purely because the quality is there throughout.

For those times when all you need is to be screamed at over some joyously loud hardcore, then you can’t go wrong with Barque to provide you with a solid experience and a stand out sound that will instil a sense of satisfaction from the ear pounding.

Rating: 8.5/10

Jake Hancke – 06/06/2019

Pyre Builders is available from Barque’s Bandcamp and BigCartel pages, with physical copies available from regional labels; Suspended Soul Tapes & Records (US) 5FeetUnder Records (DK) Smithsfoodgroup DIY (NL) Black Omega Recordings (GER) Mosh Potatoes (BE) Pumpkin Records (UK) Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records (UK) 59SRS (RU) KLVR Records (FR) and Eastrain rec (FR).

You can find more on Barque via Facebook.

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