For The Record – An Evening For All Music Lovers

Those who have followed The Cauteriser over the last year will probably know about my mental health struggles, part of which I struggled to get out of the house for anything other than work, missing over a year’s worth of amazing gigs in the process. Obviously music is something that I am the most passionate about, so I was given a flyer for a monthly event near me where people gather for a few hours in the evening to stick on some records and talk about music.

I didn’t really know what to expect so my anxiety was pretty bad beforehand, but within seconds of being there the dreaded feeling of not fitting in was subsiding. The fact that I’m still going despite having a few shaky months I think says it all. Friendly faces aside, you get a broad range of ages attending, all with different areas of interest; we’ve had a range from Bob Marley, The Monkees and Tropical Fuck Storm (which wasn’t even put on by me!)

I try to bring some “nicer” music to the evenings, with bands like Table Scraps going down a treat and Sicker Man’s album ending up playing through a whole side with people enjoying it so much. It’s almost become an extension of The Cauteriser for me with the ability to play some of the bands that I have reviewed and stirring up interest in the little pockets across Europe that I have been receiving contact from.

The sessions normally start with a set topic such as influences or lyrics, typically with a quiz along the way, so even if you don’t bring along any music there’s plenty for you to input into the sessions, and the tablet tends to get brought out so everyone gets a chance to input a couple of songs to the evening. It is completely free to attend with low priced drinks available, and the kitchen staff even bring out chips with bread and butter for everyone; all that they ask is that you contribute to the pot for the venue, which hosts a lot of community events.

It would be great to see more people attended to help the event grow, and hopefully attract more attention to the live nights they put on and get more local bands playing. The hosts are passionate about the current music scene and encourage bands to play on Friday nights, offering more to most artists than the majority of established venues can, and it will only improve as more music lovers get on board.

For The Record is held on the first Thursday of every month from 6-9pm at The Wakes in Oakengates, Telford.

Find out more about For The Record over on Facebook.

For more information on the live music events head over to the Live at The Wakes page.

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