The Empty Page – He’s Very Good At Swimming [Single Review]

The Empty Page - He's Very Good At Swimming

I’m not very good at swimming, so I was sceptical as to how I would fair with this song. Verdict: you don’t need to be able to swim to love this new single from The Empty Page!

Intensity is often overlooked when considering what makes a good song. Bad Brains were an early example of this with the extensive drum beat in the intro to Big Takeover; fondly talked of for that build up of pure energy waiting for the song to kick into gear and the crowd go absolutely insane. Well, The Empty Page have executed a more modern take on this to perfection.

He’s Very Good At Swimming opens with two soft verses that really drive the powerful lyrics, both ending with a huge intense wall of a chorus that pushes you on edge for an eruption of energy. The second instance delivers.

The spared use of overdrive proves that you don’t need to overpower your guitars to create a large sound, and The Empty Page have been successful in transferring a song destined for the stage into a studio recording. The chances of you leaving the volume down with this one are minimal.

The song is easy to appreciate even at a glace, but music nerds will find a lot to love even deeper. The cleaner guitars allow for the bass to really power through, and the technicality of the drums really set the pace of the track. The vocals have that rougher 90s alternative edge to them and carry the dark tone of the song from start to finish.

The Empty Page aren’t a band that you will listen to one song of and leave it there; listening to He’s Very Good At Swimming a couple of times will get you delving through their past releases and itching to see them live. What more can you want from a band?

Rating: 8.0/10

Jake Hancke – 05/07/2019

He’s Very Good At Swimming is available now on Spotify.

You can find more on The Empty Page via their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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