Mr. Ted – Sexy Legs

Mr Ted - Sexy LegsI don’t have sexy legs, so I was sceptical as to how I would fair with this song. Verdict: you don’t need sexy legs to love the new single from Mr. Ted!

This is one of the most fun and ballsiest bands around; not for their straight up kinky lyrics, but how many songs do you know that start off with 2 minutes of mellow funk pop before getting you slam dancing around the room whilst screaming “auto erotic exotic asphyxiation”? The correct answer is only the best.

Whether you go in to Sexy Legs expecting a serious song, something outright ridiculous or a tasty tune to accompany a strangle wank, Mr. Ted have you covered. It’s impossible to think how the blend of styles would work with, say, heavy political lyrics, but you’d still have to admire the ability to pull both off so well with that jamming bass line and overly infectious chorus.

In fact, it’s easy to under look these behind the stand out absurdity of the song. We’re not talking about a stupid idea that a band has run with disregarding any after thought, but instead one that flows perfectly to the point of being a rare case that the heavily repeated one liner just doesn’t tire no matter how many times you listen to it. Equally, I can’t imagine getting annoyed after 2 weeks of it rolling around your head constantly.

Straight up, Sexy Legs is potentially my song of the year. There’s no excuse for not exposing yourself to this fine specimen, I could even imagine old Queen Liz jamming out to this one. Who knows, she might be in to this sort of thing.

Rating: 9.5/10

Jake Hancke – 07/07/2019

Sexy Legs is available now via all major platforms.

You can find more on Mr. Ted via their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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