Riq Chiznik – The Completely Sane World Of Rik Chiznik [Album Review]

Riq ChiznikNot many reviews have a back story to them, but this album came to me following a series of caffeine fuelled tweets and a shit week at work resulting in nothing but sarcasm and unspent energy. The same day, Riq Chiznik made a comment about this album being a flop and wanting it trashed by a critic. Two and two were put together and, well here we go…

First things first; what the fuck was that? Surreal is one thing, but Riq Chiznik has taken the most abstract of comedy music imaginable and thrown it at a wall. It is hard to gauge the amount of effort that actually went into this at times, purely for how everything sounds so abnormal, thrown together and tortured until unrecognisable. Yet, at the same time, you have moments, most notably with Shrew Astronaut Destiny, where the music is so well crafted and layered that it actually sounds like this guy knows what he is doing.

The Completely Sane World Of Riq Chiznik is merely at a glance a series of nonsensical stories over the top of obnoxiously fucked up electronic sounds. Although it isn’t something to be taken seriously, there should still be that element of listenability; something which is battered by the lack of rhythm, timing, melody, and some of the absurd track lengths.

The longest song being Adhesive Oxen In Court, this is basically a telling of a court hearing which is broken up by two almost decent acoustic songs. Dogrubber Pickle Weasles is almost good, and is probably one of the highlights. Thankfully, this does have a “single version” that is thrown in at the end of the album.

Of all my bashing, the main thing that this suffers from in my opinion is the forced randomness that there seems to be here. Something about it just lacks flow and seems to be trying too hard. That said, there is a fucking lot of detail here. Right down to there being an individual piece of “artwork” (quotations because it is all a purposeful mess of mouse-drawn shite) attached to each song and a rather extensive booklet to accompany the album.

Really, I have put too much criticism into this. Riq Chiznik isn’t really about deep, meaningful music, or even anything that could possibly be judged meaningfully. In fact, it isn’t about anything, it is a series of the most bizarre audio that you will ever hear. Is it going to earn more than a single listen from anyone? I can’t imagine so, but then again is it meant to? Fuck knows, that’s my review anyway, I couldn’t possibly prepare you enough to listen to it (and to be honest, it’s probably best that you are left alienated by Wanky Shellbert and all of the other tales within).

One serous piece of advice; don’t charge £7 for a digital download dude, no one pays that kind of money on unknown music.

 Jake Hancke – 07/07/2017

The Completely Sane World Of Riq Chiznik is available to buy now on Bandcamp.

You can find more on Riq Chiznik via Facebook and Twitter.

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