Soul Fire Saints – Rock ‘N’ Brawl [Single Review]

Soul Fire Saints - Rock N BrawlI have been sent a lot of music that blends two strong styles from different genres of music, which is always something that ends up being a dangerous game with who it appeals to and what it actually pulls off well. Soul Fire Saints have stepped up the game and stand out for all the right reasons.

So, what do they actually sound like? On the baseline the music sounds like fairly generic hard rock with the sound and rhythm to the overdriven guitars and bass, however, the style pumped into them and extensive use of wah kick things into funk realms. To top things off, the vocals are mainly delivered in a rap style with a bit of a punk edge. Something keeps making me want to compare them to Rage Against The Machine; although they have a completely different character about them, the similar qualities are there.

The melodies, although not standout, are pleasant and catchy enough to keep the chorus in your head and to deliver a satisfying finale. The vocals aren’t quite perfected to the music yet in my opinion, but they aren’t a hindrance by any means.

The only improvement I would like from Soul Fire Saints is purely down to production quality (although it could have just been a crappy bitrate to the download I had access to). Rock ‘N’ Brawl would easily gain an extra mark by any standards if it had a bit more of a quality and presence boost to the different elements, mainly to big up the drums and add some beef to the chorus and closing segments.

In short, Soul Fire Saints have kicked out a tasty single and hopefully they get the support to deliver greater things in the future (and I can tell for a fact that with the opportunity they would do exactly that!)

Rating: 7.3/10

Jake Hancke – 10/07/2017

Rock ‘N’ Brawl is available now for free via Ayla Records.

You can find more on Soul Fire Saints on their Facebook and Twitter pages.



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