Lump Hammer – Lump Hammer [EP Review]

Lump HammerThere are a few labels who have quite a number of releases that I have reviewed now, and Inverted Grim-Mill Records are becoming another. This time, I had the pleasure of checking out another localish noise fest.

So how would I describe Lump Hammer… there are quite a few bands kicking around who do the whole noisy ad-libbed approach these days, and these guys are another one guitarist, one drummer and one vocalist line-up, but Lump Hammer aren’t quite just that. If you listen to bands like WOMEN and Lovely Wife, you’ll pretty much be at home here, except where Lump Hammer set themselves apart is in the breadth that they try to accomplish. For instance, they once played a 2 hour single song gig. Most people would call that a bit much, but the new Lump Hammer EP does a decent job at bringing a similar foray to record (or mp3).

Across the four tracks, you get the easier to listen to opener, Party Time, which is saying a lot considering it is about 90% the same riff and beat repeated with “Where’s my invite?” (which I thought was Hammer, not Invite, until they corrected me) and “Do you know who I am?” screamed over the top. Stacey Dooley and Love Song are much slower and their more doom influenced tracks, where the latter very slowly builds itself up over the 9 minutes, albeit entirely with the same riff (the common theme for Lump Hammer). Intruder is a briefer fill but the least memorable of the tracks, if only for having less stand out about it.

Although Lump Hammer are clearly a band best appreciated live, they have captured parts of their sound very well with this EP; with the huge, filthy guitar and that strong sludge persona that you can slowly headbang to, this is undoubtedly a strong entry to their studio releases.

Rating: 7.5/10

28/11/2017 – Jake Hancke

Lump Hammer EP will be available to buy via Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings on 2nd December 2017

You can find more on Lump Hammer via their Facebook page.

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