The Lumes – Envy [EP Review]

The Lumes - EnvyIt’s inevitable that when you review one band, similar bands will find your post and send you their music. Somehow I have a slew of this weird indie-fuzz headed my way. I don’t know how, but it always sounds surprisingly fresh and interesting.

The Lumes are tough to describe in detail. Their groundwork is some very basic indie music with not too much to offer, but there is a fucking tonne of distortion thrown at their sound, which builds up quite a raw, energetic atmosphere and provides you with a gentle slap to the face. The presence is often unavoidable, notably the searing closing of Discharge, and at other times deliver things in a kind of stoner/doom rock fashion.

The sounds flung your way are the most integral part to the listening experience. The structures aren’t by any means boring, but there isn’t much in the melodic department to entice you. The greatest hook comes in the form of the Who Makes Me Try? Chorus, which to be honest, is probably Envy’s strongest kick.

The Lumes have their hands in quite a few genres, with elements spanning from noise-rock, prog and experimental indie. As you can probably imagine, the resulting sound is extremely rough, but it just about hangs together and seems to work out pretty well for them. A little more melody here and there wouldn’t hurt, but that’s not all the music is about. If you like something laid back slathered in fuzz and noise, give Envy a go.

Rating: 7.0/10

Jake Hancke – 15/09/2017

Envy will be released on 6th October 2017 and is available to pre-order now via Crazysane Records.

You can find more on The Lumes via their website and Facebook.

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