Powerpissed – PWRPSSD [Album Review]

PowerpissedI’d say about a third of the bands that land in my inbox have their names capitalised. I’m not sure if it is a genuine thing that most bands these days particularly spell their name in all caps, or if it is just a common choice in the way they type it for attention. Either way, this is another one of them, and to be honest, the name Powerpissed doesn’t need capitalising.

Now that is out of the way, however you imagine this band sounds based on name alone, you have probably got it fairly accurate. So there you go, no real need for me to write anything else.

I will anyway because I have wanted more music like this for a while, and I am suddenly getting it. Getting it hard. PWRPSSD is some proper post-hardcore that doesn’t hold itself back. It is obnoxious, in your face and a full on mosh-frenzy. This album drip feeds elements of speed metal, some seriously heavy riffs and drum beats that do fantastic work of carrying the waves of the sound. The aggression is real and the metal hooks are unforgiving.

There is a lot of appeal here for the fans of most heavy rock genres. One thing I find with a lot of heavier bands is that they can end up appearing rather flat across the course of an album. Powerpissed remind me of bands like Coalesce, where the sound stands out just enough to earn your attention, and each song has something that holds it throughout the whole record. And for me, that is the thing that makes an album.

PWRPSSD is described as “chaotic” and also contains an “electronic” tag. Chaotic, yes, but no. Although it is throwing itself around in post-hardcore fashion, it isn’t any more chaotic than a lot of bands are these days, in sound or structure. As for electronic, there is only minimal use of synths that I could maybe make out in Demon, so don’t expect any Ministry or Combichrist shit being thrown around here.

All in all, if Powerpissed sounds like the name of a band you would like, the chances are you will like them. They are unrelenting and graze many styles of metal, ultimately resulting in an enjoyable blend of post-hardcore and thrash-metal. If you want something that powerfully screams its way through the entire album or something overly obnoxious yet listenable at the same time, check this one out.

Rating: 8.2/10

Jake Hancke – 15/08/2017

PWRPSSD is available now via P.O.G.O. Records with a limited run of CDs to be released soon.

You can find more on Powerpissed on Facebook.

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